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Torrey Smith Speaks at NFL Rookie Symposium

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The NFL called 2nd-year receiver, Torrey Smith, to speak at Wednesday's Rookie Symposium. Seeing as how Torrey Smith had his fair share of ups and downs last year, he was the perfect guy to inform the rookies of the challenges they will have to face both on and off the field. Torrey Smith had to learn along the way last year due to the lock-out, and never had the benefit of a Rookie Symposium.

From "My talk was on dealing with the highs and lows of the league," Smith said. "It's the expectations of the media and the fans. They'll love you one minute, they'll hate you the next. You've got to learn how to balance that."

"I was honored," Smith said. "The NFL picked me of all those rookies [from last year]. It's pretty cool. I just wanted to share everything from my rookie experience."

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