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NFL Changing Time For Late Afternoon Games

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It's not a huge deal, but the NFL is changing the time for the late afternoon games during the 2012 regular season. The games have previously been broadcast at 4:15pm, but will now be dropped a bit later to start at 4:25pm. A story on SB Nation gives all the details to the reasoning behind the time change.

According to the league, the main reason behind the slight alteration is that there have been instances on a regular basis that the 1pm games overlap the later ones, thus causing fans to miss the beginning of the late games as they inevitably are "joined in progress." Many of those games were switched before the early game ended, causing some fans to miss the end of what could have been a close and important contest.

Nothing could be more frustrating waiting for a game to end while you await your home team's game to begin it's broadcast, or being forced to miss the end of a game due to contractual obligations. According to the league, this happened 44 times between 2009 and 2011, and this new time adjustment would significantly lower that number to around 15 games.