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NFL's Biggest Trash Talkers

One thing you can count on in every NFL game, the trash will be thrown about the field and we're not talking about the litter kind of trash. Trash talking in the NFL is perhaps the best of any professional sport.The combination of the violent play and heat of the competition provide a perfect environment for grown men to throw insults and humorous comments at each other all game long.

From the past, guys such as New York Giants LB Lawrence Taylor and Minnesota Vikings DE John Randle were mentioned as among the best in this story and video. For the current players, Philadelphia Eagles WR DeSean Jackson and Former Cincinnati Bengals and New England Patriots WR Chad Ochocinco were highlighted. Even Terrell Owens put #85 at the top of his list.

However, the one guy that many players said is the best is none other than Baltimore Ravens LB Ray Lewis. Cleveland Browns QB Colt McCoy even went as far to say that while he'snot sure if what Ray says out there is considered "trash talking," he sure does talk a lot on the field. Over and over, the highlights in this video hear Lewis telling opponents, "It's a man's game, boy!"