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Ravens' Rice Among Top 3 Running Backs

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Similar to the post yesterday about Baltimore Ravens DT Haloti Ngata being among the top at his position, RB Ray Rice is in top three of running backs according the NFL Podium Awards on With the 2012 Olympic Games being later this summer, Daniel Jeremiah is picking the top three players at every position.

Rice actually has to "share" the Bronze Medal with Jacksonville Jaguars RB Maurice Jones-Drew, which is ironic as they are both extremely similar in size as well as skills. MJD led the league in rushing in 2011, with Rice right behind in second place.

Both Rice and Jones-Drew were on the lower podium from Houston Texans RB Arian Foster (Silver Medal) and Philadelphia Eagles RB LeSean McCoy (Gold Medal) in Jeremiah's rankings. Here's a portion of what he said about the Bronze Medal duo:

"Jones-Drew's 1,606 rushing yards led the NFL last year, while Rice finished second with 1,364 yards and also tallied an impressive 76 catches. Both are compact, powerful runners that break a lot of tackles. They are also excellent route runners out of the backfield, and reliable pass protectors, to boot."