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The NFL's Best & Worst Contracts

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Jason LaCanfora from CBS Sports put up a story titled, "The 11 best bargains, and the 11 worst contracts in the NFL." Two guys who either play or played for the Baltimore Ravens made the two lists. The good news is the one who still plays for us is on the "bargain" list and the one who no longer plays here is on the "worst contracts" list.

QB Joe Flacco, according to LaCanfora is a bargain for the Ravens. Here's a bit of what he had to say about the Baltimore signal-caller:

"...through four years in the NFL, all he has managed to do is win at least one playoff game every year, he has won four road playoff games already, and he came a Lee Evans drop away from making his first Super Bowl appearance."

(Click on the 'Jump'to read about the former player from the Ravens who made the "worst contracts" list)

Worst Contracts:

Bart Scott, Jets, LB, $7M: He was brought in on a big contract from Baltimore to lead Rex Ryan's defense and help teach it and be an on- and off-field leader. But the deal was fairly massive for an inside linebacker at the time, Scott was getting a little older, and now, with him no longer as effective and the Jets in discord, they are stuck with him since $4 million of his deal was effectively guaranteed. No one would trade for the deal, and cutting him at that price doesn't make much sense.

Click on the link at the top of this story to read the full story on each of the eleven players on each side of the "bargains" or "worst contrats" listings