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Ravens Staying In Tip-Top Shape

There's an interesting story over at, written by Garrett Downing. The title of the story is, "Top 5 Workout Warriors," and the topic is who on the Baltimore Ravens have the toughest and most impressive workout routines on the team. The five players featured in the story were Ray Rice, Ray Lewis , Ed Reed, Brendon Ayanbadejo and Arthur Jones.

Rice is still without the long-term contract he desires, but is obviously not sitting around and getting out of shape. Lewis and Reed often work out together under the watchful eye of their personal trainer. Ayanbadejo is built like a brick house and might be the most perfect physical specimen on the team. Jones has rounded himself into top shape by working out with his brother, Jon "Bones" Jones, the UFC Light-Heavyweight Champion.

Check out the story and the two videos. One is of the two University of Miami teammates and the other one is how the guy known as "BA" stays so ripped underneath his uniform.