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Ravens Have Least Salary Cap Space In NFL

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In the most recent update of every NFL team's salary cap space (as of June22, 2012), the Baltimore Ravens have the least of any of the other 31 teams in the entire league. According to a story on Pro Football Talk, the Ravens have a paltry $606,000 of cap room left.

The recent moves (signing guard Bobbie Williams, center Tony Wragge) obviously ate up what little space they originally had. The Ravens slim margin of error in the salary cap is less than half of what the next best team has remaining on their cap (Oakland Raiders: $1.34 million).

The Jacksonville Jaguars have the most cap space in the league ($25 million), followed by the Tennessee Titans (just under $20 million). Looking around the AFC North, the Ravens opponents have much more room than they do,with the Pittsburgh Steelers having $3.5 million, the Cincinnati Bengals have $16.5 million and the Cleveland Browns with $17 million..