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Are Ravens Underachievers?

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From, this video talks about the list of the Baltimore Ravens whose names had not been released on the NFL Top 100 Players of 2012. Three of the four remaining names were released this past week, as only DT Haloti Ngata's name and ranking remain to be revealed. Among the analysts is former Ravens head coach of their 2001 Super Bowl 35 winning team, Brian Billick, who ranks DT Haloti Ngata the best of the remaining Ravens.

However, as a team, the analysts seem to feel that with all this talent, regardless that it is on the defensive side of the ball, have the Ravens underachieved as a team? Despite being the only team in the entire league to make the post-season in each of the last four consecutive years, the Ravens have failed to make it to the Super Bowl, losing twice in the AFC Championship Game.

Can they take the next step in 2012, even without the NFL Defensive Player of the Year in Terrell Suggs, who will miss most, if not all due to an Achilles Tendon injury? If so, then that "underachievers" label will go away. If not, then it will continue to grow until they do take that final step.