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Most Overrated Raven

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This one could get ugly. As we all love our Baltimore Ravens and mostly refuse to believe that any of our players may be overrated it is hard to believe ,for some of us, that it may be true. As we talked about yesterday, this team is littered with star players and of course there will always be reason to debate that level of stardom these players have become attached.

Players can become overrated for many reasons. Some of it may come from one year of outstanding play or perhaps even one game of outstanding play in which ESPN or some other sports news outlet becomes infatuated with a player. Or it could be that a certain player excels so well in one aspect of their game that the fact they are sub par in other areas gets over looked.

Labeling a player under or overrated is a tricky thing. especially for those of us that don't get to see these guys on a day to day basis and aren't accustomed to seeing what it is they really do on the field to make the team better. so who are we to say who is what and why? Well, we are the fans and part of being a fan is expressing your opinion about you team and speculating as to where your players rank amongst the leagues elite.

If you were to go around the NFL and ask other teams fans who the most overrated Ravens are I'm sure you would get a lot of responses about Ray Lewis and Ed Reed and how their best years are behind them. Some might even go as far as to say they are liabilities. Please... If you are a fan of the Ravens or at least you have taken the time to watch the team in depth, you would find out these two are still very dominant players on game day.

Sure, Ray has lost a step or two or three but his preparation is second to none and that more than makes up for what ever he may have lost in his sideline to sideline speed. Ed Reed on the other hand has become a year in year out needless distraction in the off season, causing many Ravens fans heartburn with headache. His play on the field however is still elite. He is still the best ball hawk in the game and strikes fear in opposing quarterbacks weekly. Yes he may have been practicing his arm tackles a bit too much in 2011 but when it came down to it he showed he is still a force to be reckoned with down the stretch run.

Another player that could easily get some votes in the overrated department is wide receiver Anquan Boldin. He has been very productive since joining the purple and black but most fans would tell you that they expected a bit more out of him as our number one receiver.

Perhaps what has been overlooked when it comes to Boldin is that he is an excellent run blocking receiver. He has also been playing out of his natural position of slot receiver since joining the team. Anquan has never been a speedster. Hr was never a guy that you line up wide to run nine routes all game. Boldin is a crafty, sure handed veteran that excels in his physicality and finding the soft spots in zones over the middle. So maybe it is the team that has been using him wrong more than him under-producing.

So Ravens fans, what do you think? Who is the Ravens most overrated player?