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Las Vegas: 114 Billion To One Longshot Hits

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When we watch a team in the NFL go from worst-to-first, we know that somewhere, someone has made a lot of bucks betting on that team to win. Look at some of the teams that surprised only last year. The Cincinnati Bengals were not supposed to win like they did,much less make the post-season. Same goes for the Denver Broncos, San Francisco 49ers and come to think of it, even the Super Bowl Champion New York Giants.

Longshots do come in and some hit it big. But none have ever came in as big as a recent streak on the Roulette Wheel in the casino of the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas, according to RJ Bell of the sports betting news website, The number "19" hit SEVEN times in a row at one Roulette table, where the odds of hitting any number even once is 37 to 1.

Hitting the same number seven straight times comes out to specifically 114,415,582,591 to 1 odds. By comparison, hitting the Powerball Lottery is a whopping 586 times as likely than hitting the same number in roulette seven consecutive times.

Odds are, if you played roulette 24 hours a day, your favorite number would hit seven straight times only once in 217,000 years. You should of been there. If you weren't which is most likely the case, check out this photo.