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AFC North Round-Up: Cleveland Browns

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When most people talk about the AFC North, they seem to only mention the Baltimore Ravens, Pittsburgh Steelers and recently, the Cincinnati Bengals. The Cleveland Browns seem to be the forgotten ugly sister in the division, but many believe they have made huge strides towards returning to competitiveness.

SB Nation's Cleveland Browns blog, Dawgs By Nature, still has a rabid fan base regardless of the lack of success and continued frustrations the franchise has endured.

Here are a bunch of stories from their many contributors and fans that might be of interest to Ravens fans:

Optimism vs. Skepticism: Cleveland Browns 2012 Season Preview: Wonder what side Ravens fans would pick for Browns?

Brandt: Browns Ranked 30th In Power Rankings: Gee, what a surprise, huh?

Around The AFC North: They say Suggs won't return unless Ravens make the playoffs.

SB Nation: Most Likely "Worst-To-First" Teams in 2012: Sorry Cleveland, ....ain't happening!

Cleveland Browns 2012 Prediction - A Sailor's Perspective: Reasonable predictions of their Ravens games.

How We Drafted Compared To The Steelers, Ravens and Bengals: Read the comments, their fans don't like the Ravens!