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Ed Reed #16 On NFL Top 100 Players Of 2012

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Baltimore Ravens free safety Ed Reed was given the #16 ranking on the list of NFL Top 100 Players of 2012. Reed came in right behind Ray Lewis at #5 on the 2011 list, but slipped eleven places over the past year in the voting done by the players themselves. Reed is still the highest ranked safety on this year's list.

Reed played injured for much of the season and did not have close to the season he enjoyed the prior year, but still is one of the few players that opposing QB's do their best to locate prior to the play and avoid during the play. It's tough to rate a player in Reed's position because sometimes a lack of stats is reflected by a lack of opportunities, not necessarily a lack of production.

There is no question that Reed is on the downside of his career, along with his teammate, Lewis. However, there are few teams that wouldn't love to have either of them on their roster regardless of their ages or physical limitations. Check out Reed's video above from the 2011 rankings.