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Pick A Player, Any Player To Add To Ravens

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If you could add any player to the current Baltimore Ravens roster, who would it be? Any current player from any team at any position. The Ravens have several needs and you could solidify one of them with the best player in the league at that position. Or do you look at it like Ozzie Newsome would and just take the best overall player?

The Ravens biggest needs are offensive line, wide receiver and possibly OLB/DE if none of the young hopefuls stand out before the season starts. Yes, the Ravens have a lot of young talent vying for these positions but none of them a guaranteed to be stars. Or even be competent, everyday NFL starters.

After the jump I will list a few players that I think could help this team the most. Please share your thoughts and let us know which player you would most like to see in the purple and black helping our beloved Ravens go to the Super Bowl. Again this is just for fun on a slow news day so have some fun with it!

WR Calvin Johnson:

Johnson may be the best wide out in the NFL currently. There is no question he could help the Ravens or any other team. With Johnson lined up wide with Torrey Smith and Anquan Boldin the Ravens would have a receiving core second to none.

OT Joe Thomas:

The Ravens have a definite need at offensive tackle and will have that need for the foreseeable future because the team never gets to draft in the early part of the first round. Which is where all the blue chip tackles get chosen. So barring a trade or diamond in the rough draft pick this team needs a tackle in the worst way. Thomas could anchor that line and set all of our minds at ease.

QB Aaron Rodgers:

I know, I know. Joe Flacco is an excellent quarterback but Aaron Rodgers is arguably the best quarterback in the league. If you have the chance to grab him, why would you ever not?

LB Patrick Willis:

With Ray Lewis on his way to retirement the Ravens will have a need at inside linebacker in the very near future. What better a player to step in for Ray Ray then Willis. The Ravens are still stacked on defense even without Lewis or Ed Reed for that matter. Imagine the talent we already have being led by Patrick Willis in the up coming years.