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Percy Harvin A Baltimore Raven? Doubtful.

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Minnesota Vikings 24-year-old stand-out receiver, Percy Harvin, has requested a trade today. This comes after various reports yesterday of frustration with Minnesota for several unspecified reasons. At the moment it is unclear whether or not Harvin's frustration is stemming from unhappiness with his current contract, or displeasure of team performance (Minnesota finishing in last-place in the NFC North for the second consecutive year). However Percy Harvin's quote leads me to believe it is a mixture of both:

From ESPN: "I just put it this way, there's a lot of different things that have to be sorted out," Harvin said Tuesday. "Just haven't been really happy lately. We've got a couple of things to work on. I'm here in the classroom. We'll go from there."

Most reports right now are suggesting that a trade is unlikely, despite the trade request. Head coach, Leslie Frazier, seems confident that any existing discrepancies will be worked out:

From ESPN: "I really feel like when he and I sit down and talk in depth," Frazier said, "whatever is in his heart or on his mind, we'll get through it."

Nonetheless, this does not prevent fans from being excited and forming baseless trade opinions that benefit their favorite team.

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Percy Harvin's level of play has consistently gotten better since his rookie-year, quickly giving him the status of one of the better young receivers in the NFC. Last year, even with a rookie QB, Percy Harvin's statistics continued their steady increase, reaching a career high in receptions and receiving-yardage (87 and 967, respectively). One of the wonderful things about Harvin, however, is that he can contribute on special-teams as well. He is a consistent threat to break off a kickoff return for a touchdown.

What team wouldn't be interested in Harvin? Well, the Baltimore Ravens come to mind.

When I first heard that Percy Harvin was available, I was excited (much like many of you probably were at first-glance), but then I realized he is an expensive commodity this team doesn't really need. While Percy Harvin is a very solid all-around player, there a few reasons why the Baltimore Ravens would have just about zero interest in making a move for him.

First of all, Harvin has struggled with injuries throughout his career, which would certainly be a weakness in the tough and gritty AFC North.Secondly, he just isn't big enough for the type of offense the Ravens are trying to build (measuring at 5'11-184 lbs). Thirdly, there is absolutely zero room for him on our depth chart. He is a #1 receiver, and we would most likely expect him to work out of the #3 slot position. I don't see him making that adjustment too willingly. Finally, we just can't afford his services. He is due to make roughly $900,000 in 2012, which is already more than what the Ravens' cap space allows, and he wants to earn more! All of these signs point to one conclusion; Percy Harvin will not be a Baltimore Raven.

It would certainly be nice to have another solid receiver on our depth chart. But, realistically, the chances of Percy Harvin putting on Baltimore's purple and gold are slim-to-none.