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Ravens' Haloti Ngata On Forbes List Of Highest-Paid Athletes

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Baltimore Ravens defensive tackle Haloti Ngata made the list of Forbes' World's 100 Highest-Paid Athletes. A story on CBS Baltimore reports that Ngata was the 12th highest paid athlete in 2011, earning a whopping $37 million, when you combine his salary, new contract signing bonus and other endorsements.

Not only was this the most earned by any other Ravens player in 2011, it is the most in the NFL, mostly based on his new contract, which was for five years and $60 million. Although, the CBS Baltimore story says it is the most earned by any athlete playing a team sport, names such as the NBA' Miami Heat star LeBron James (#4 at $53 million) and Denver Broncos QB Peyton Manning (#10 at $42 million) are among five players on team sports in the top ten, according to a related story on

That was far behind the top athlete earner according to Forbes, which was boxing champion Floyd Mayweather, who earned a jaw-dropping $85 million last year.