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One Fan's Take On Ravens' Worst Free Agent Signings

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A fan contributor over at Yahoo! Sports posted his take on the worst free agent signings in Baltimore Ravens history. Dan Soderberg put up his opinion on the five worst players that the team signed in free agency, with commentary on each one.

Who tops his list? After the Super Bowl 35 winning season, the Ravens cut ties with QB Trent Dilfer, enraging some fans. They spent a lot of bucks, banking on former Kansas City Chiefs QB Elvis Grbac to lead them back to the Promised Land. They were hoping to get the same Grbac that threw for well over 4,000 yards the previous season but got the evil Elvis Grbac, who tanked, lost his courage and then retired after just one forgettable season in Baltimore.

Interesting is his fourth of the five names on the list. Soderberg puts recently released CB Domonique Foxworth on his list, staking his claim on the fact that Foxworth cost the team $28 million and other than a disappointing 2009 season, was injured and pretty much unable to contribute for the rest of his stay here.

Check out the list and post your comments here on these guys and feel free to add names of other players you think would be "worthy" of being on this list.