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Ravens' McBean To Play Defensive End?

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According to Ryan Mink at, Baltimore Ravens nose tackle Ryan McBean has been spending time at just about every position on the defensive line in the Ravens practices thus far. McBean played nose tackle for the Denver Broncos last season but the Ravens see a very versatile player that could fill in for multiple positions on the line. He has even spent a good amount of time as a rush defensive end for Baltimore.

"I’m able to move around and have fun out there," McBean said at the conclusion of last week’s mini camp.

McBean isn't built like your prototypical nose tackle. Standing at 6'5" and 305 pounds he really is built more like a defensive end. The Ravens already have some beef up the middle with Terrence Cody, Haloti Ngata and Arthur Jones but having a versatile player like McBean, who could line up as a rush lineman inside or outside, could help the the defense in passing situations when the run stuffers aren't needed.

Last season, McBean recorded four sacks, including the first of his career for Denver. The Ravens see more in him than just a nose tackle however. With the NFL becoming more and more pass heavy versatile, athletic linemen that can create pressure from multiple positions are becoming more prevalent. Sure you will still have your three down linemen that are mostly employed to stop the run but with the multiple, complex defensive schemes that Baltimore runs having a guy that can line up anywhere and move around prior to the snap can give them a definite advantage on game days.

"It’s a lot different, but it’s something I know I’ll enjoy and love," McBean said. "It’s a team defense here. It’s not really set up for one guy. Everybody could possibly be open with any type of defense here. It’s a great scheme. I’m enjoying it."

According to Ryan Mink, McBean called former teammate and two time Pro Bowl defensive end Elvis Dumervil for some advice on the position. He could definitely do a lot worse when it comes to inside information on the position. Hopefully Dumerville can help him better understand the intricacies of the position. McBean will be suspended for the first three games of the season for the Ravens but once he does get on the field it will be interesting to see how and where the Ravens choose to use him. They have a history of getting good defensive players from other teams and making them great here in Charm City.