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Ravens Rookies Getting Schooled

No, not on the football field, although I'm sure that is happening as well. However, despite the Baltimore Ravens concluding mini-camp last week, their rookies remain at the complex for the team's version of Rookie Orientation. This, according to a story by Aaron Wilson of the Carroll County Times, has the first year players learning about what they've experienced so far and what to expect over the next couple of months.

The rookie will also be attending the AFC's Rookie Symposium next week in Ohio, along with rookies from the other teams around the conference. In the meantime, the Ravens will have both former placekicker Matt Stover and current wide receiver Torrey Smith speak to this year's crop of rookies on the team.

Stover can give a great description of life in the NFL from his own personal experiences, and Smith can detail to the new kids the things he faced only a short year ago, and remember, Torrey had to do this all without a true off-season due to the NFL Lockout at that time.