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Ravens Mistakes Rank As Two Of Best Steelers Plays

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The SB Nation blog on the Pittsburgh Steelers, Behind The Steel Curtain, put up a story titled, Antonio Brown's Catch or Troy Polamalu's Strip Sack, Which Was More Exciting? Unfortunately for fans of the Baltimore Ravens, both of these plays came at the expense of the Ravens.

Steelers WR Antonio Brown's catch in the 2010 playoffs, led to breaking a tie late in the game and the Ravens' backs. The play came on a third-and-19, and for whatever reason cornerback Lardarius Webb got beat bad and safety Dawan Landry was way too slow getting over to provide deep coverage help. How you allow a receiver to get behind coverage on a third-and-long remains one of the biggest mysteries in the football world.

Pittsburgh safety Troy Polamalu's strip of Ravens QB Joe Flacco late in the game during the 2010 regular season led to the Steelers overcoming a 10-6 lead and winning the game on prime time TV in Baltimore. Why in the world the team would pass on a third-and-two with just over three minutes left in the game remains one of the two biggest mysteries in the football world.