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2012 Players To Watch: Jacoby Jones

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The acquisition of wide receiver Jacoby Jones has been met with both praise and scrutiny from fans and media alike for the Baltimore Ravens. Jones was widely considered a failed experiment in his time with the Houston Texans as he never lived up to the expectations that the front office, coaches and fans had for him.

Although he excelled in the return game and had many explosive plays on offense, He was never the consistent number two receiver that Houston needed him to be to All World wide receiver Andre Johnson. All the talent was there but he continuously found himself on the wrong side of some bone headed plays that cost his team. Over time he seemed to just bury himself and slowly but surly fell out of favor with the team and the fans.The Texans kept the faith for a long time though. It seemed like every year he would make some spectacular plays that showed he was on the cusp of becoming great but something would happen to set him back.

Now J.J. is a Raven and they only want him for two things. One, to be that power returner that can set field position and not put Pro Bowl caliber players on the disabled list playing special teams. Two, Work as Quarterback Joe Flacco's third option on those few formations that they run with three wide outs. With Anquan Boldin and Torrey Smith already entrenched as the teams top two receivers Jones would be a serious upgrade over anyone the Ravens have had in the third slot in years. If he were to put up the numbers he did in Houston last season with 512 yards and a pair of touchdowns he would be considered a success.

The Ravens were strong, as usual, on defense in 2011 and they showed the potential of a high flying offense at times as well at times but they lacked consistency especially from the third receiver position. On special teams however the 2011 season was a major bust with the exception of punter Sam Koch and Lardarius Webb. Jones will be looked upon to upgrade both of those positions. It looks as if he will have some serious competition at the receiver position as the Ravens have stacked their team with potential number threes. You would have to think that the job is Jones' to lose at this point just because of over all NFL experience.

The Ravens were a play away from the Super Bowl last season and they have brought Jacoby in to fix their two most glaring needs from last season. He will undoubtedly be a player to keep an eye on in 2012 for all Ravens fans from the first snap of the season. This could be his opportunity to turn around his career on offense and all he has to do is stay consistent as a returner... Minus a few fumbles. There will be plenty of options right behind him ready to step in on offense so he will need to be on the top of his game from the start. Something tells me the Ravens will line up three wide a bit more this season. Offensive coordinator Cam Cameron loves big fast receivers and I'm sure he is already drawing up plays strictly for Jones. They may all be end arounds and nine roues but hey, he'll get him the ball some how.