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Which NFL Team has the Highest Amount of Arrests Since 2000?

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A lot of people associate the fact that Baltimore has such a high crime rate, with the assumption that the players for the Ravens are "thugs" or "criminals". Well according to the San Diego Union Tribune's NFL arrest database, that is a bunch of bologna. In fact, the Ravens have one of lowest amounts of arrest since the year 2000. The most recent arrest for Baltimore was Sergio Kindle's DUI in December of 2010. A little trivia fact for all of you stat-nuts out there; Washington, our "beltway brother", has accounted for two more arrests than Baltimore has since 2000. Also, I should note that the Ravens have the least amount of arrests in the AFC North over the last 12 years.

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The top team in each conference with the most amount of arrests are Cincinnati and Minnesota. Cincinnati with 37 arrests and Minnesota with 39. The complete list of arrests per team are as follows:

Arizona 9
Atlanta 14
Baltimore 16
Buffalo 14
Carolina 17
Chicago 21
Cincinnati 37
Cleveland 22
Dallas 11
Denver 33
Detroit 12
Green Bay 17
Houston 9
Indianapolis 23
Jacksonville 27
Kansas City 26
Miami 26
Minnesota 39
New York Giants 12
New York Jets 8
New England 13
New Orleans 19
Oakland 17
Philadelphia 10
Pittsburgh 17
San Diego 25
San Francisco 11
Seattle 18
St. Louis 7
Tampa Bay 24
Tennessee 30
Washington 18

So there you have it, the Ravens may have had their fair share of run-ins in the past, but they are most certainly not full of "thugs" and "criminals". In fact, a lot of the Ravens' players are actively involved in the community, and have charities and football camps on a regular basis.

Below is a a graph for those of you who are more graphically-inclined.