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What Do NFL Players Do For The Next Six Weeks?

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There is an interesting article posted over at the National Football Post, detailing from a former player's point-of-view, what happen over the course of the next six weeks in the lives of an NFL player. Matt Bowen, who played seven years in the NFL, explains that while the team's mini-camps are over until Training Camp begins in late-July, this is really not a vacation time for most of the players.

The newer players, whether they are rookies or veterans fighting for a roster spot, will go home to train, learn the playbook and watch video, or even stay in town to do the same at the team's practice facility. Bowen breaks it down into five specific areas that players need to focus on before returning for the rest of the season later this summer.

As an example, here is Bowen's final area he says players need to be prepared with:

Act like a pro: Don't be "the guy" that reports overweight, out of shape and ends up in the training room with a pulled muscle because he didn't put in the time or effort to train. Use these six weeks to improve your body and mentally prepare to compete. This isn't a real vacation. This is time to prep for a long season.

From a Baltimore Ravens point-of-view, it makes you wonder which players will use this time to make the difference in whether they end up on the final roster or not?