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One More Interview With Derrick Mason

Getty Images

Former Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Derrick Mason announced last week that he was retiring from the NFL. He was signed to a one-day contract so he could retire a Raven, a class move in the eyes of Ravens fans. He spoke at the team's practice facility about his time with Baltimore and why he chose to go out this way.

He also spoke recently to a radio station in Nashville, in a story posted on Sports Radio Interviews. In the story, Mason spoke about his career, and especially enjoying the trash-talking part of the game:

"Yeah, that part was fun. I never took anything personal out on the field, I really didn’t. It was a competitive spirit; the competitive nature came out, especially playing Tennessee and Cortland [Finnegan]. … When you played against him, he was going to bring something at you, whether it was good or bad. I enjoyed my smack talk with him as well as people on the sidelines. That part, you know what, I enjoyed it. I never did it in malice. I did it with fun and I always smiled while I did it."