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Ravens #7 In Latest NFL Power Rankings

The Baltimore Ravens come in at 7th place in the most recent Power Rankings on The Ravens were 6th in the same Power Rankings from March, prior to the NFL Draft but after the start of free agency. The team that leapfrogged them were the Houston Texans.

In addition to trailing the Texans (6th place), Baltimore is behind the Chicago Bears (5th), San Francisco 49ers (4th), Green Bay Packers (3rd), New England Patriots (2nd) and the defending Super Bowl Champion New York Giants (1st).

Ironically, the Ravens defeated the Texans twice last year, including the Divisional Round of the playoffs, the San Francisco 49ers on Thanksgiving Day evening and should have beaten the Patriots in the AFC Championship Game. They will have the chance to beat both Houston and New England, as they play both in the 2012 regular season.