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Ravens' Bernard Pierce Gives Shout-Out To Baltimore Beatdown

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When new Baltimore Ravens RB Bernard Pierce was at the NFLPA Rookie Premier in Hollywood, California last month, he sat down with SB Nation's Dan Rubinstein for a nice interview. The Temple University product gave a personalized shout-out to Baltimore Beatdown in the introductory part of the video on SB Nation's YouTube channel.

Rubinstein asked Pierce about what it was like to be in Baltimore and Pierce responded by saying he's glad to not have to face the Ravens defense now. However, he does have to face two of the tougher run defenses in the league twice each season in the Pittsburgh Steelers and Cincinnati Bengals.

This interview was held before the recent mini-camps started, so Pierce has pretty much only been around the other rookies up to last week and will continue his initiation with the veterans as the Ravens hold another mini-camp this week starting today, with Baltimore Beatdown planning to be there to bring you all the news, photos and perhaps even a few interviews.