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2013 Free Agents That Might Interest Ravens

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Everyone likes to look ahead, and with 2013 Mock Drafts already coming out, I figured I would take a look at some of the expected 2013 free agents the Baltimore Ravens might consider taking a look at signing next year.

First we must Identify our places of need. With good 'ole Ray Lewis retiring, a void will be left at ILB, Bryant McKinnie will probably need to be replaced next season as well. If Ray Rice doesn't sign a deal, we may also be looking at RB. So here is my list of the 2013 free agents the Ravens should target:

1. James Laurinaitis, LB (2012 team: St. Louis Rams) - Leader of the Rams defense, he is a tackling machine. He may not have Gaudy stats, but thats because the rest of the Rams defense was awful. He could certainly make Ray's retirement easier.

Projected Price Tag: $8,000,000

2. Jake Long, LT (2012 team: Miami Dolphins) - Probably not going to happen. Too high of a price to afford, especially if we have to re-sign Ray Rice and Joe Flacco. However if he comes here at a discount to win championships, I'd certainly take him.

Projected Price Tag: $13,500,000

(See more possible free agents that could interest the Ravens in 2013 after the 'Jump')

3. Duane Brown, LT (2012 team: Houston Texans) - More likely of a possibilty. Could come here and feel comfortable with the Texans nucleus we have already acquired. Would shore up the blind side.

Projected Price Tag: $8,500,000

4. Jonathan Stewart, RB (2012 team: Carolina Panthers) - This is really just a fall-back, I think Rice will sign, however if not, Stewart could be serviceable.

Projected Price Tag: $4,000,000

5. Justin Durant, LB (2012 team: Detroit Lions) - Plays OLB in Detroit's 4-3 scheme, but played inside in Jacksonville. Once again, could step into Ray's spot

Projected Price Tag: $3,500,000