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Baltimore Beatdown's Visibility

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Baltimore Beatdown (
Baltimore Beatdown (

You are reading this story on But so are others, and not just by clicking onto this site. Baltimore Beatdown is part of SB Nation, the largest network of sports blogs in the entire world. Did you hear me? The ENTIRE WORLD!!!

SB Nation is a collection of 321 sports blog, which gives us a ton of visibility and pull, if you know what I mean. The combination of so many blogs connected across pretty much every sport one can imagine, in the United States and around the world, makes each individual blog, including Baltimore Beatdown,a very attractive commodity. Attractive in not just advertising sense, but to other major sports sites on the web.

Due to this, you can find Baltimore Beatdown in a few other places around the web, inaddition to SB Nation's NFL team page on the Baltimore Ravens. These spots that get way more traffic than we do, or perhaps more than most any other site on the web. Baltimore Beatdown is featured on the Ravens team page on, and Yahoo! Sports.

Pretty impressive, huh?