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Is Former Bengals Guard Bobbie Williams Ravens' Missing Link?

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When the Baltimore Ravens signed 13-year veteran guard Bobbie Williams last week, was this the missing link to complete their offensive line, which was in a state of flux ever since the loss of left guard Ben Grubbs to free agency? If the 35-year old Williams makes the transition from right to left guard, that will give the Ravens a full offensive line of seasoned veterans in front of QB Joe Flacco.

Williams, 6'4" and 345 pounds, comes to the Ravens from the Cincinnati Bengals, where he started every game he played in over his eight years there after playing for the Philadelphia Eagles for four seasons. See Williams' career stats on SB Nation. After the news on appeared that he agreed in principle with the Ravens, Bengals fans all seemed to agree that the team was getting a great guy.

A story on SB Nation's Cincinnati Bengals site, Cincy Jungle, aptly titled "Bobbie Williams Thanks Bengals Fans For His Time In Cincinnati," shows how much he appreciated the opportunity given him by the team and how much he was liked and respected by the fans. If Williams can make the transition from the right to left side, the Ravens could have the offensive line it needs and also a great example for the young guys backing them up to learn from.