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Torrey Smith Only Raven On Fake Teams' #51-100 Players

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SB Nation's fantasy sports site, Fake Teams, is listing their top 100 fantasy football players under the standard scoring system and posted the story, 'Fantasy Football Rankings 2012: 51-100.' The only player from the Baltimore Ravens in those fifty players was second-year wide receiver Torrey Smith.

Smith also came in as Fake Teams' 37th best receiver, one slot ahead of teammate Anquan Boldin (#38). Despite being right behind Torrey on the WR listing, Boldin still did not appear on the list of players #51-100, even though Smith was ranked #91.

After Torrey's spot, the next nine players in the standard scoring system's rankings were all running backs. Whenever Fake Team releases the top half of their overall rankings, there should be at least one other Ravens player and that will be running back Ray Rice. Rice will more than likely be a top-ten pick, if not a top-five. We shall see.