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Ray Lewis Voices His Opinion

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Former University of Miami and current Baltimore Ravens LB Ray Lewis is one of the best interviews of not only any NFL player, but any sports personality. He never fails to impress his fans as well as his pundits, and his locker room speeches to youngsters have become hit viral videos on You Tube, as seen in a previous story here on Baltimore Beatdown.

Ray, always working to keep his body, which has absorbed a ton of punishment as he enters his virtually unheard of 17th NFL season, was actually in the midst of a long bicycle ride when he phone into a Miami radio station in an story posted on Sports Radio Interviews.

In it, he spoke about the Miami Dolphins decision to appear on HBO's 'Hard Knocks,' noting that the Ravens were a close-knit veteran team and had a ton of fun when the cameras were on them, and recommends the Dolphins utilize the same philosophy so it doesn't become a distraction.

Ray also spoke about his son committing to the University of Miami, saying,

"There's no greater reward, as a father, to have that."