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Is Ravens QB Joe Flacco A Winner?

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Baltimore Ravens QB Joe Flacco has won more games, including playoffs, in his first four years than any other quarterback in NFL history. But does that alone make him a winner? With no Super Bowl victory, much less an appearance in the Big Game, can you still give "Joe Cool" that "winner" label? Some people, including most every Ravens fan, knows the answer is an easy "yes."

Others, include opposing fans and NFL analysts, may disagree, saying after four years in the playoffs and two losses in the AFC Championship Game, including this year's devastating loss to the New England Patriots, means that while the team is winning, Flacco just cannot win the one game he needs to earn the title of "winner."

Greg Cosell of NFL Films, takes a look at what makes a QB a winner in the NFL. In a story titled, "He's a Winner," Cosell compares the young version of New England Patriots QB Tom Brady versus the current one, noting that while the older Brady has played better in the past five years than he did in his first five. However, Tom won three Lombardi Trophies in the first half of his career but none in the last five, despite playing in the Super Bowl twice in the last four years.

Cosell mentions Joe Flacco and wonders if his reputation would be any different if he had a title as part of his resume. Check out the story and see his comments on the Ravens signal-caller.