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Re-Grading The 2009 NFL Draft

CBS Sports is going back in time to look at the 2009 NFL Draft and re-grading it based on what has transpired over the past three seasons of evidence. The Baltimore Ravens used their picks to move up in the first round to take Ole Miss OT Michael Oher. They then took Utah DE Paul Kruger in round two and relative-unknown Norfolk State DB Lardarius Webb in the 3rd round.

Sports Illustrated gave the a B+ and in their comments section, surprisingly didn't even mention Oher in their breakdown into categories titled, "The Good, The Bad, and Jury's Still Out." Webb made the "Good" while 4th round pick, LB Jason Phillips (TCU) was "The Bad," although after his release, he was picked up and is playing for the Carolina Panthers.

CBS Sports says "The Jury's Still Out" on Kruger, who should get his chance to change that label in 2012, as he is expected to start in the wake of Terrell Suggs Achilles Tendon injury. However, overall, the B+ grade is welcomed, especially since the Pittsburgh Steelers got a "B," the Cincinnati Bengals a "C" and the Cleveland Browns earned their typical "D."