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Ravens And Pollard, Perfect Fit

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Bernard Pollard has played like a Raven his whole career. He's a hard hitter that plays his position well. He's exactly the kind of guy you want on a defense that prides itself on smash-mouth football.

Apparently the Ravens agree as they signed him to a three year contract extension last night. General manager had nothing but great things to say about Pollard after the signing was announced.

"Bernard showed last year that he is a Raven. He’s smart, tough and brings a passion to the games, our practices and in the weight room," General Manager Ozzie Newsome said Tuesday.

"His physical presence on the back end is very important to the way we play defense," Newsome said. "He has indicated since the first day he stepped into our building last training camp that he wanted to be a Raven for the long haul.

It's great to know that the team was able to score again on an underrated player like Pollard. Many times signings like these are over looked when the bigger stories like Terrell Suggs' injury and Ray Rice's Contract status are always in the for front.

It has always been good locker room guys like Pollard that can play their role, lead by example and deliver the wood on the field. good job boys.