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Ravens, AFC North Rivals Still Have Holes

According to a story on, they see the Baltimore Ravens as well as their AFC North rivals still with holes that they need to fill in order to take solid hold on the division in 2012 and beyond. The teams added significant players and depth around the division, but each team still has an Achilles Heel (perhaps poor timing for that analogy?) that merits attention and concern.

For the Baltimore Ravens, they feel that until 2nd-year WR Torrey Smith becomes more of an all-around receiver and not just a deep threat, the defense will be able to know how to cover him. They point at both Ed Dickson and Dennis Pitta, mentioning that the team's tight ends need to remind us more of the departed Todd Heap and especially Dickson needs to step up and hold onto the ball in the middle of the field.

The Cincinnati Bengals had one of the better drafts in the entire league but did little to bolster their running game and still need that one dangerous pass rusher. The Steelers have the same problem in their running game, with an injured Rashard Mendenhall and little else, as well as questions along their defensive line. The Cleveland Browns,well, no need to waste space about the team that continues to lay claim to the basement of the division.