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Ravens Beefing Up D-line At A Discount

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The Baltimore Ravens are the bargain shoppers of the NFL. they are like your grandmother that lives on virtually no income and somehow always has money if something is needed. They look for bargain free agents that come at a discount and are now concentrating their drafting on small school standouts, hopefully getting them at a cheaper price.

Over the past two weeks the Ravens have managed to sign two beefy defenders to add to their defensive line in 2012. The team has brought back Ma'aki Kemoeatu to be a space eating run stuffer. Kemoeatu again comes at a discount, as usual, because he was over 410 pounds just six months ago. He went on a special diet drinking health shakes instead of eating meals and has managed to drop 70 pounds to get back towards his playing weight.

This is just another example of how the Ravens are always cutting out coupons to use on players that no one else would think of. They did the same thing last season when they brought in LT Bryant McKinnie, who had apparently eaten himself out of the NFL.

Thinking back, when the Ravens made the deal for Anquan Boldin it was like the day I went to my grandmother's house only to find a 42" LCD high def TV sitting in her living room. Suddenly you think, ahhhh, maybe they have more money than they are letting on. Maybe we'll see them pull out a similar deal for another pass rusher this season.

The Ravens also found another deal in former Bronco nose tackle Ryan McBean. McBean comes at a discount because he recently tested positive for performance enhancing drugs. Ozzie Newsome has stated that the team did their home work on him though so I'm not that worried about it. If he does not work out it is no huge loss.