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Ravens' O.J. Brigance Continues His Fight

Over at, they have a story on former Ravens Special Teams player and current front office executive O.J. Brigance's fight against the horribly ravishing condition, ALS, or its more familiar name, Lou Gehrig's Disease. The accompanying video shows Brigance making the opening tackle in the Ravens victory over the New York Giants in Super Bowl 35.

Now, confined to a specialized wheelchair, Brigance can only communicate with the aid of a computer and requires a full-time assistant to care for all his personal needs. However, it hasn't stopped him for realizing all of his goals, which now are to further the fight against this terrible disease.

Brigance has stayed with the team and his only request was, "don't treat me any differently."

"O.J.'s our spiritual rock," said Ravens head coach John Harbaugh.

Today was the 6th Annual Fiesta 5K at Baltimore's Power Plant Live, to raise awareness for ALS Research at Johns Hopkins Hospital. While the event might be over by the time you read this, the fight goes on and your awareness and contributions through the Brigance Brigade can only help now, and long after O.J. Brigance's personal battle ultimately ends.