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Worst-To-First: Which NFL Team Will Make The Jump In 2012?

Every year in the NFL, there seems to be one team that makes the jump from worst-to-first, shocking the league and its millions of fans. With eight divisions between the two conferences, that means those eight teams have the chance to jump to the head of their division and re-energize their depressed fan base.

SB Nation profiled the eight teams in order of their chance to leap-frog the other three teams in their division. The teams that finished last in their divisions were the Buffalo Bills (AFC East), Cleveland Browns (AFC North), Indianapolis Colts (AFC South), Kansas City Chiefs (AFC West), Washington Redskins (NFC East), Minnesota Vikings (NFC North), Tampa Bay Buccaneers (NFC South) and St. Louis Rams (NFC West).

Baltimore Ravens fans need not worry anytime soon, at least about the Browns jumping over them to take the AFC North crown, much less rising out of the division basement. Cleveland is at the bottom of the list of teams expected to have a chance to go from worst-to-first, with the Pittsburgh Steelers and Cincinnati Bengals well ahead of them along with the Ravens.