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Former Ravens CB Domonique Foxworth Speaks Out On NFLPA Issues

Although former Baltimore Ravens CB Domonique Foxworth will probably not appear on the football team anytime soon, he will remain front and center on the issues surrounding the players. After two seasons of significant injuries, no team in the league has contacted the veteran for the 2012 NFL season.

In addition, sitting on the Executive Board of the NFL Players Association is certainly not an added incentive for teams to sign the guy who will remain on the opposite side of the bargaining table for any current or future issues. Foxworth sat down with local sports talk radio station WNST, and spoke about a variety of issues in a story posted by Sports Radio Interviews.

A classic example of the types of topics Foxworth is dealing with includes the personal safety of the players, including the new rule that will go into effect in 2013 regarding the requirement that everyone wear thigh and knee pads. His response to this issue:

"Obviously we’re always in favor of improved health and safety. The only issue that I take with this is, it’s kind of a micro health and safety issue. Obviously what everyone is concerned with is hits to the head, better regulations and helmets and mouthpieces, and concussion protection and prevention."