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Loss Weighs Heavily On Yanda's Mind

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I think that is pretty much how we all feel. A loss like that is a hard one to come back from but some teams can do it. Let's hope the 2012 Ravens are one of those teams.

Poor Billy Cundiff has become the "goat" after missing an easy field goal to send the game into overtime. Here is what Billy had to say:

"It's as high as it's ever been," Cundiff said. "I think the situation is pretty unique. I'll learn what I can from it and keep my confidence high.

"It's not something where I'm trying to avoid it. I know what happened. I don't need to be reminded of it. I think it's a learning experience."

Despite what happened Cundiff has still got his job in Baltimore for the time being however.

"If anything, it shows I've got the confidence to keep going," Cundiff said. "I'm standing here. The team doesn't have anybody else here. The team believes in me.

"The coach has been really positive with me throughout the whole offseason. Management has been great. Now, it's just a matter of continuing to get better."