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Cody: "Weight-loss cost me power."

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In an attempt to trim down for the 2011 season DT, Terrence Cody, lost a drastic amount of weight. Nearly 65 pounds to be exact. According to him, this sudden fluctuation of weight cost him strength. This loss of strength probably caused him to feel like he was playing below the level of football he was used to. But just like in any sport, football is a game of adjustments and sacrifice. And Cody seems to be getting acclimated to his new playing-weight.

"I feel like I am getting a lot stronger," Cody said. "Losing that weight last year kind of made me a little weak because I lost it a little too fast."

While Cody's statistics aren't the prettiest in the world, his presence is constantly felt on the defensive side of the ball. On almost every play last year, Cody seemed to have been giving offensive-linemen fits, and he complimented Ngata very well on running plays. After a year of getting used to his new weight, and a regular off-season to prepare for grueling schedule ahead, look for Cody's numbers to increase. And with a full-length offseason, he will have enough time to learn Dean Pee's new system without all the rush and bustle of last season's dawn.