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Tommy Streeter Already Faces Adversity

Going into the draft the Ravens had not had a lot of success drafting wide-receivers, especially tall ones. Regardless of this fact, who did they draft with the 198th overall pick? Tommy Streeter; the 6'5, 220 specimen out of Miami.

One of the biggest knocks on Streeter, besides his lack of playing-time in college, was his sloppy route-running. But it seems as if yet another "flaw" has prevailed:

From Baltimore Initial reports coming out of the Ravens’ two open-to-the-media practice sessions are that rookie wide receiver Tommy Streeter is raw with his route running and he’s also dropped quite a few balls.

It seems as if these same criticisms faced Torrey Smith going into last season, and that didn't hinder him at all last year. But despite all the pundits, Streeter seems eager to start learning from the veterans and get his career underway. I, for one, am glad to see his willingness to learn and eagerness to succeed. And I certainly hope he can do so.

Tommy Streeter: "I kind of feel like a lot of people didn’t believe in me, even though I believed in myself. … Ever since I got that phone call on draft day, I had the mindset that I was willing to work and I’m going to be the best Baltimore Raven that I can be now that I’m in this position. And I’m ready for whoever lines up in front of me."