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Jacoby Jones Has The Ability

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New Baltimore Ravens WR Jacoby Jones has made some noise after his first day in camp. The first thing you notice is that he is a big man. He's also powerful. Head coach John Harbaugh was impressed with what he saw as well.

"He’s done really well," Head Coach John Harbaugh said. "Great attitude. Really hard worker, really, really hard worker. Very fast, big, physical guy. He’s done a really good job."

Jones was widely viewed as a disappointment in Houston after not living up to lofty expectations. Plus, he was always in the shadow of all-world wide receiver Andre Johnson. Not to say he didn't get his chances in Houston, for much of last season Jones was slated as the number one receiver when Johnson went down with an injury

Houston then switched more to of a run first, play action type of offense. Jones, being the teams number one receiver, was the one facing the double teams and having safeties roll to his side down field. The Texans tried to exploit the mismatches they could find and ended up using their big, athletic tight ends more often than not.

For the Ravens, Jacoby Jones has the potential be the most explosive third receiving target they have ever had. He has proclaimed several times that he has run a 4.24-40 and apparently looks just as fast in pads. There is no question that he underperformed in Houston but that does not mean he can't turn it around somewhere else. Sometimes certain quarterbacks just don't work well with certain receivers. Some times the offensive coordinator dislikes a player for a reason and decides to design the offense using him as more of a role player. Who knows why thing didn't quite work out as planned with the Texans, but Jones still managed to make some truly explosive plays in his time there. There is a link below.

Anything could be possible with Jones.,He has all the talent and explosiveness in the world. For a number three target, the Ravens could do a lot worse. He can create mismatches on opposing nickle corners and safeties. Plus, his value as a return man is invaluable to the Ravens. Jones is 6'2" 215 lbs. and is hard to bring down for smaller corners. Heck, he may even be faster than Torrey Smith. With the two speedsters on the outside and Anquan Boldin in the slot with Dennis Pitta or Ed Dickson, the Ravens will have some serious firepower in the passing game. Add in Vonta Leach, Ray Rice and the touchdown machine Bernard Pierce and the Ravens offense may be catching up to the defense in talent level right before our eyes.