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Ray Rice Contract Talks Progressing

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Despite still being a no-show at the Baltimore Ravens recent OTA's this week, the word is that the contract talks between RB Ray Rice and the team are progressing but still a ways from being finished. A story on the National Football Post details the negotiations continue to find a common ground on which to ink Rice to a long term deal.

If a deal is not reached, Rice will have to "settle" for the one-year Franchise Tag price of $7.7 million in 2012. Reportedly, Rice is looking for a contract similar to the ones that both Minnesota Vikings RB Adrian Peterson and Tennessee Titans RB Chris Johnson signed, guaranteeing them in the neighborhood of $30 million each.

However, the rumor is that the team is more interested in signing Rice to a deal more in line with the one signed by Seattle Seahawks RB Marshawn Lynch, with about half the guaranteed money that the other two deals brought. Either way, if and when this is settled and even if it isn't and Rice must play the season under the Franchise Tag, then do not expect to see the Ravens feature back in camp until the time that Training camp officially begins in late-July.