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Ravens Players Partying In Las Vegas

A headline like above is never one that a fan really wants to see written about their favorite team. Like it or not, it's a common occurrence and does not necessarily mean anything bad is going on. Unfortunately, bad things do happen occasionally when NFL players are out partying in public. As more than one has said about these stories, nothing good happens after 2 a.m. in the life of a professional athlete.

According to a story online by the Las Vegas Sun, Baltimore Ravens players Ed Reed, Lardarius Webb and Jimmy Smith were in Sin City recently. They were partying at the Chateau Nightclub. The story, written by Robin Leach, who has been giving readers the inside scoop on Las Vegas, the three were there celebrating the new $50 million contract that Webb signed recently.

Both Webb and Smith were at the team's mini-camp this week, so there obviously wasn't any problems with their free time choice of partying location. At the same time, when Ed Reed said a few days ago that he wasn't completely focused on football, perhaps we now have a clearer idea of what he meant.