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Ravens OTA's Missing Big Names

Yesterday we reported on the Baltimore Ravens OTA, mentioning that many of the bigger names on the team were not in attendance, but no one appeared worried that this was an issue. A story in USA Today seems to imply otherwise. The story starts off with the line, "The absentees overshadowed the attendees..."

Those big names missing from the team's first OTA included Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, Haloti Ngata and Ray Rice. Terrell Suggs is recovering from Achilles Tendon surgery.

At the same time, neither head coach John Harbaugh nor QB Joe Flacco seemed the least bit worried about the lack of these All-Pro's at this point of the season, or more correctly, the off-season. Harbaugh assured the media that his veterans were working hard and would come into camp at some point in great shape and ready to play.

Flacco reminded everyone that there was virtually no off-season last year and the Ravens made it to the AFC Championship Game. The media may have focused on the missing stars, but the players certainly didn't mind the additional reps that their absence provided them.