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NFL Players Would Accept Gay Teammates

In what appears to be a huge change from past attitudes, it appears that the climate in the NFL pertaining to accepting gay teammates is making radical changes. Most players now seem to be willing to accept a gay teammate in the locker room, compared to the polar opposite attitude in years past.

A story in SB Nation's network from Outsports, includes comments and quotes from former and current NFL players, who said their focus is on working together as a team towards the same goal of winning and that sexual preference is not part of the equation. SB Nation has a related story with the video above on the same topic.

The list of players quoted in the story is impressive, as are their comments as well, proving that perhaps the most manly sport of all has made huge strides in the area of gay rights, one that either would never be accepted or at least shoved under the rug rather than openly discuss it.