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NFL Rule Changes

NFL owners met in Atlanta this week and approved a few new rules that will be going into effect as early as this coming season. The trading deadline, previously was at week six of the regular season, has now been voted to be extended until week eight.

When you watch NFL games, notice how some players have the noticeable wrinkle on their thighs which shows the outlines of their thigh pads. Other players have that smoother look, obviously due to no thigh pads. Now, they will all have the same uniform look, as every player must begin wearing thigh (and knee) padding in the 2013 season. (You may be surprised to learn that virtually zero players in the NFL wear a protective cup under their uniforms).

SB Nation posted a story with the full list of rule changes, including a significant one related to players placed on Injured Reserve. Those players were normally lost for the season when designated as such but now will have the chance of returning to practice after week six and games after week eight.