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Ravens Super Bowl Ring For Sale

Baltimore Ravens Super Bowl 35 Championship Ring
Baltimore Ravens Super Bowl 35 Championship Ring

There is a diamond-studded ring from the Baltimore Ravens Super Bowl XXXV winning team up for auction at The championship ring, featured above, is not one of the team's former players, but instead must have belonged to a member of the staff. Inscribed in the ring is the name, "Dickson," and no, it is not current Ravens tight end Ed Dickson, who was in grade school when the Ravens won the Lombardi Trophy over a decade ago.

Jeff Dickson was the personal driver for former team owner Art Modell. Interestingly, according to an old story in the Baltimore Sun, Dickson sued the Ravens back in 2003 after being fired by Modell's son, John, allegedly after missing a few days due to an illness.

The current bid is just over $8,000 as of this publishing time, so for a few hundred dollars more, this incredible opportunity to own a piece of memorabilia that no one else in your neighborhood will have is right before you. Unless of course, Ray Lewis or a former member of the team lives near you!