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Ravens' Flacco Says Bring It On!

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As the pressure to raise the level of play on the offensive side of the ball after the devastating loss of Terrell Suggs to the defensive side of the ball increases, the focus is obviously on QB Joe Flacco to do just that. In an earlier story here on Baltimore Beatdown asks fans to vote and comment on if he is ready to carry this team, other outlets are reporting the same thing.

Three-quarters of voters in our previous article think that indeed, Flacco is primed for a break-out season in 2012. A story on Pro Football Talk details that "Joe Cool' is more than willing to be under the microscope and firmly believes that the team has the weapons he needs to put up 40 points a game.

"I think we’ve got the talent around us, definitely,... I think we’re a team that should be able to go out there and put 40 up and not really look back."