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Ravens' Anquan Boldin Plans To Protect His Brain

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The NFL has been trying to lessen the violence in football, coming up with stricter rules on what is or is not an acceptable hit. Players are concerned with all of the recent news, including suicides, allegedly related to brain injuries from too many concussions over the course of a player's career. Recently, two rookies have already retired rather than subject themselves to future concussions and risk additional brain damage in light of those recent circumstances.

Baltimore Ravens WR Anquan Boldin has never been a player to shy away from placing himself in harm's way, as he frequently goes over the middle, exposing himself to opponents ready to knock his block off. As it says in a recent story on Pro Football Talk, the only "official" concussion Boldin has sustained in his career was a doozy, resulting not only in the head injury, but a broken sinus as well, requiring surgery.

Anquan is doing his own research to see what he can do to stave off or at least minimize the effects of the hits to the head that he has endured and will in the future. He reportedly might be looking into a hyperbaric chamber, as recommended by his doctor. It appears that the players might be best suited to do their own homework, as the league has not been overly successful in protecting the players as evidenced by the increasing number of past cases coming into the public's eyes.